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Why Subaru World of Newton Is The Home Of Your Next Subaru

Here at Subaru World of Newton we know that there are a number of dealerships across Sussex, NJ, including a number of Subaru dealerships. So what makes our dealership the best place to shop for your next new or high-quality pre-owned Subaru? We don’t have just one or two reasons, but five reasons to buy your next Subaru here at Subaru World of Newton.

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How To Understand Your Car Leasing Options

One of the many questions we get here at Subaru World of Newton is whether it's best to lease or purchase your new 2016 Subaru.

The short answer is: it depends. By this we mean that deciding to finance or lease your next vehicle from us depends on your lifestyle, how you plan to use your vehicle, and your budget.

Let's break this down further and describe the basic differences between a lease and purchase. This information will help you to decide which financing alternative is best for you.

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Leasing Defined

The big difference between leasing vs. purchasing…

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